The Challenge

Linkedin had not been performing well for Acuris and our mission was to unpack the challenges and try a fresh approach.

Strategy & Tactics

With a free and in-depth downloadable report available, it was disappointing that the Linkedin campaign had not served Acuris better. But we knew the target audience of CFOs, Analysts and Heads of M&A would engage well if we focused on relevant and attention grabbing content. We adopted a journalistic copy style that linked to relevant topical news, further enriched with simple graphic imagery. We also enhanced the landing page, creating gated content that enabled Acuris to follow up with interested parties and embarked on a re-freshed re-targeting campaign that had also not performed well in the oast


A one month test trial went from zero to 150 leads with 70% of those targets converting to customers. These were results that Acuris had not seen before and enabled the business to successfully re-engage with its Linkedin community.