Our Challenge

to improve the performance of the PPC campaign with two priority deliverables

  • Increase Q1&2 sales by 25%
  • Achieve an ROI of at least 7:1

Strategy & Tactics

We knew our customers were well informed about the products they needed and undertook plenty of pre-purchase research. We had to build a strategy highly focused on product visibility and price.

Early in the campaign we learned something new! Despite pre-agreed pricing that all re-sellers signed up to, many competitors were’nt playing by the rules! We had to refresh and re-set. This was the game changer in our campaign approach. We stopped bidding on uncompetitive product key words and began daily price monitoring, regularly pausing and un-pausing keywords.

We also decided to stop our shopping campaigns, Apria was not at a competitive advantage. We recognised that avoiding clicks that didn’t convert was equal to achieving clicks that did.


The average ROI increased from 7:1 to 10:1 and the total revenue increased by 37.8%, well over the 25% target increase.