Strategy & Tactics

Our 2021 brief began with a 3 month test project. One of Revenera’s service products - InstallShield was noticeably showing less and less response to PPC over recent months. At the time we were utilizing Display campaigns as complimentary leads to the PPC campaigns. We wanted to expand and see if we could drive leads from other acquisition audiences. The approach paid off! We built ‘custom-intent’ audiences that allowed us to target people currently researching specific topics, products, and solutions on the web. Market research helped us understand the client’s persona to get the targeting just right. We designed 2 fresh set of banners promoting the demo download of the product.


Within 3 months the results escalated from just a few leads each month to 301 leads. The cost-per-lead also decreased by 18%.

With this initial success, our campaign was renewed and we have now more than doubled the amount of product demo requests on a monthly basis