Our Challenge

Our goal was to improve rankings on priority keywords, increase traffic and importantly increase the number of leads coming via the blog

Strategy & Tactics

We worked closely with the Revenera digital marketing team providing onsite SEO recommendations focused on driving more traffic and brand awareness via the blog.


We started with a full audit of the blog identifying posts that had good authority, but were poorly optimised or were targeting the wrong keywords. We then provided optimisation recommendations and a new content brief for each post to quickly get them ranking for the right keywords and to start driving more traffic. Over 6 months, we grew impressions by 40% and clicks up by 7%

We then identified new opportunities for targeting brand new keywords that had a lot of potential. One area we focused on was creating ‘What is…’ search queries that were highly relevant to the clients products and services. These posts have now generated over 462,000 impressions and 7,000 clicks and continue to grow in traffic.

Two of the posts that performed very well were ‘what is software composition analysis’ and ‘what is software monetisation’. Both of these were for primary keywords and two of the main products offered by the client.