Second Home is a co-working space provider with inspiring locations in London, Lisbon and LA.

Our Challenge

In a competitive work space marketplace, their brief was clear. How can we help the business secure more leads - rapidly!

Strategy & Tactics

The Second Home marketing team had been making website changes to optimise performance. However their process hadn’t yet included A/B testing so there was no validation to help the team draw conclusions.

The brief was simple and our tactics took the same clean approach to deliver a quick start and rapid turnaround. We analysed all the website ‘call to action’ buttons and tested design variations. Through making changes to colours, contrasts, visibility and locations, we helped the customer find their way from landing to engagement more quickly


Our work focused on enhancing design aspects, enabling a visitor to ‘book a tour’ more quickly and easily. Our CRO tactics completely transformed the customer flow and contributed to a significant increase in incremental revenue.