Strategy & Tactics

We were asked to help improve the performance of Ultra Commerce’s Linkedin campaigns. With a series of e-Books for Linkedin customers, the associated advertising was not delivering quality leads. We had 5 weeks to make a difference! Our strategic approach focused on customer understanding. Through audience analysis, Linkedin insights and our own experience, we crafted a series of ads, inspired by the e-Book and optimised with topical headlines and bold simple designs. With 3 distinct audiences in mind including hard to reach C-suite targets, we set the ads to work. Audience job titles were hashtagged in introductory lines and customised copy was served to our diverse audience group Due to a pause over the Christmas break, the campaign worked in two time phases. This gave the team a great opportunity to draw rapid learnings from phase 1 and enhance phase 2 performance.


Our awareness, clicks and lead generation grew incrementally over the two phases of the campaign. Although we were performing ahead of target in phase one, we accelerated the results in phase 2 to achieve 96% more awareness, 42% more clicks than targeted and 114% more leads than targeted.

Our team blended deep audience insights, experience and initiative, drawing learnings from one time phase to another. This approach unlocked all possible audience triggers, whilst customised content was tirelessly refreshed, adapted or paused.

As a testament to the focus, flexibility and diligence of our team, the campaign outperformed against all targets.