Strategy & Tactics

In 2020, our brief began with a 2 month PPC test project. However a developing new trend was increasing the competition on our bidding keywords and increasing our costs. We explored ways to find leads from other platforms and by using Linkedin as our lead platform, we increased Webbula’s leads by 38%! Market research helped us understand the client’s persona and that helped us create customised advertising content. We designed 4 fresh set of banners, bold images and strong headlines that reinforced the answers to those 3 top questions: Who, What and Why?


Within 2 months, leads accelerated from zero to 43 and cost-per-lead was 46% lower - proving that a blend of technical and audience insight, design and clever ad copy can make all the difference.

What’s more, half of these leads came from people with ‘Digital Marketing Director’ and ‘Digital Marketing Manager’ job titles - so senior and perfectly matched quality leads!