Hyper Personal Programmatic

Our programmatic strategies include hyper-relevant ad placements, based on detailed customer paths and an empathetic approach to each step in the funnel. 

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Brands We've Optimised

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  • More efficient CPM and CPC through our AI-powered tools
  • Greater variety of ad formats, for a more audience-focused approach
  • Super-powered remarketing, where you pay only for performance
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Nü Skool Programmatic

Using our specialised tools, a tailored programmatic campaign will not only increase your reach, but also the volume of both organic and paid searches. Our tools allow for detailed drilldowns and educated learnings, which in turn provide clearer conversions and better attribution – which leads to more effective strategies.

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Somebody Digital | Digital Marketing Agency

Laminar, optimised.

Laminar was facing a few challenges: launching their product 3 months earlier than expected due to a competitor launch, and needing to create both brand awareness and drive sales.


  • 259% increase in MQA movement
  • 59% of MQA leads moved into decision phase
  • 41% of MQA leads moved into purchase phase
Laminar, optimised.

Revenera, optimised.

One of Revenera’s key products was experiencing a slowdown in interest and sales. We launched a 3-month test project to diversify their marketing channels and expand their audiences, in order to drive more product demo requests.


  • 100 additional leads per month, over 3 months
  • 200% increase in product demonstration requests
  • 18% reduction in Cost Per Lead
Revenera, optimised.

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