22nd April 2024

The 2024 Deprecation of Third Party Cookies and what this means for you

Cookies: Delicious, sweet, and comforting, unless they’re following you around the internet. In what can only be called a (seriously) delayed response, Google ending party cookies will finally happen in 2024. Why is this ...

Magesh Rammsammy

Head of Analytics
11th April 2024

Somebody Digital smashes it again

Oops we did it again, we’ve been shortlisted for 17 EU Search Awards in 2024. Is it because we really want to spend an evening in Prague? Yes. Are we a little bit addicted to winning? Maybe. Seventeen entries sound like a l...

Cristiano Winckler

Director of Digital Operations
25th March 2024

Google March 2024 Core Update: What you need to know

Google threw a curveball on the 5th of March when the search engine launched its latest Core update, sending the internet into a frenzy. This particular update aligned with two other actions on Google’s part, namely a chang...

Somebody Digital

26th February 2024

GA4 vs Universal Analytics: GA4 migration remains ongoing

Google recently issued a stern warning to marketers and businesses still making use of Universal Analytics, almost a full year after supposedly sunsetting UA. Unsurprisingly, many Google users were contented enough to watch...

Magesh Rammsammy

Head of Analytics
13th February 2024

The triumph and terror of TikTok advertising

TikTok has taken over. What began as just another social media network has skyrocketed to platform fame, pulling content creators along with it. Marketers, ever keen to find eyeballs on the internet, were no doubt pleased whe...

Adele Todd

Head of Paid Media
24th January 2024

What the DMA means for digital marketing efforts

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is legislation designed to help the little guy by creating a space for fair competition and increased innovation. In the next six weeks, this next step in privacy regulation will begin to take ef...

Cristiano Winckler

Director of Digital Operations