Bringing’s Dead Leads to Life

through creative remarketing

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per impression metric is the dedicated arm of Apria Direct that focuses specifically on the easy repurchase of consumable products related to other healthcare products, for example, cleaning wipes and masks for CPAP machines.

The client approached us with an audience targeting issue that needed a very creative solve: how could they re-activate the dead leads on their email lists, without compromising the guidelines on information security – and with a very minimal budget?

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Our solution was simple in principle, but complicated in practice: we couldn’t use email to retarget this audience, but we could do it via other platforms. And yet, the regulations for the health industry on Google, Meta and Bing do not allow the upload of specific target audience lists.

Using the provided list of dead leads, we enriched the database using a combination of specific tools and manual processes, leading to a 50% success rate on identified devices (the benchmark generally being 20–30% for this type of action).

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We then created multiple dynamic campaign types which allowed us to retarget these devices: regular flash promotions within specific categories, category-specific ads based on previous website visits, product-specific ads based on previous website visits, and also general range-awareness ads that showcased multiple categories.

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As this arm of the business isn’t fully automated, it relies on consumers to call in and initiate the re-supply request. Therefore conversions weren’t completely as trackable in the traditional sense: but continued verbal feedback from the client indicated a huge success for this non-traditional strategy. From almost no calls per month, started receiving as many as 10 calls per day within the initial 6-month campaign period, and these numbers continue to rise.

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