Putting the new
into revenue

with Lofta’s SEO strategy


Increase in revenue

from organic traffic


more transactions


increase in organic traffic


increase in new user traffic to website

As an industry leader for sleep apnea-related products in the United States, Lofta faced a key problem:

  • They needed more new eyes on their products
  • More up-selling opportunities to their existing customers.

We targeted two groups: people suffering from sleep apnea and looking for CPAP devices, and people who were looking for CPAP devices for someone else.

In order to improve page ranking visibility and optimise keyword ranking for high commercial intent keywords, we knew we couldn’t sleep on the low-hanging fruit: we focused on the 15-20 top performing pages on the website and enhanced them with consumer-focused information and high-value search terms

To add to an improved technical search experience, we upgraded the technical functionality of the overall website and implemented schema markups to help Google catalogue the information and improve Lofta’s chances of being shown in Google’s Helpful Content results.