ABM Case Study Flipping the Lid on LinkedIn

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Somebody Digital | <span class="black-text-small">Average</span>73% <span class="black-text">hit rate</span>

Average73% hit rate

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Our software development client needed to generate new leads with an incredibly specific target market, but a very small budget. We were limited to only using LinkedIn: which usually recommends an audience of at least 10,0000 people, or 100 companies, for a standard Account Based Marketing Campaign in order to get an average 5% conversion rate. Therefore, we didn’t have the budget to adequately square up against LinkedIn’s Reach and Conversion benchmarks.

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On top of this challenge, there weren’t many ABM tools available at the time. So, in our maverick fashion, we flipped the strategy as the ABM case study shows. We targeted a niche audience of 300-1100 people, and created highly specific sets of content based on job roles and the 12 identified companies. Using a beta version of LinkedIn’s ABM tools, we created an entire hub of content that worked on a variety of ad formats, many variations for testing, and a very low frequency per ad.

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From the leads generated through our highly targeted approach, 60% were qualified and a further 25% went on to convert – 5 times the average conversion rate benchmarked by LinkedIn for this type of campaign.

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