Putting the Performance into Performance Health

E-commerce CRO Case Study

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Somebody Digital | 1:97


Increase in ROI

Based on a 12-month forecast
Somebody Digital | 57,515


Additional sales

Based on a 12-month forecast
Somebody Digital | $17,544,082


Incremental revenue Impact

Based on a 12-month forecast

As a leading online provider

for sports performance products, Performance Health and Medco Athletics required conversion rate optimisation for their e-commerce platform.

We utilised a few key methods to increase their conversion rates.

The first step was to optimise the navigation bar: adjusting the design to make the search bar and relevant navigation opportunities more visible.

Minor design updates

on the product detail pages led to a 17% increase in conversion rates, while additional design improvements made on the product listing pages led to a 146% increase in items added to cart.

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We also completely redesigned

the home page and optimised the mini cart, which allowed further increases in revenue lift and conversion rate improvements.

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